Outsourcing HR for Small Companies | Netchex HCM Software
December 3, 2013

Large companies typically turn to outsourcing Human Resources (HR) duties as a way to cut costs. As a result of this demand, an entire industry has been created over assisting businesses with HR tasks. This gives small businesses a variety of options regarding outsourcing their accounting, payroll processing, and paycheck distribution needs. For small companies, outsourcing HR can provide a number of benefits.

Controlling Business Expenses

Payroll processing is an extremely time consuming task, which can take up 100% of the time of several employees, even for small businesses. Outsourcing payroll allows a new company to start off with a smaller human resources staff, thereby curbing some of your startup labor costs. Existing businesses will find that by outsourcing payroll, they can redirect several members of their HR staff to new tasks which will aid in company’s continued growth and success.

Lowering Costs for your Customers

In many cases, outsourcing HR tasks is less expensive than trying to handle everything within your company. By taking all of the responsibilities on yourself, you will experience higher marketing, research and development, and distribution expenses, meaning a higher price point for your customers.

Having Access to Expertise

Any company handling HR outsourcing has the knowledge and resources to take on a new project for a client immediately. As a result, if your company has an unexpected HR need, you will not be faced with hiring and training new staff or taking on temporary employees.

Turning Potential Weaknesses into Strengths

It’s very difficult for a company to be the best at everything, but outsourcing in areas where you have weaknesses can help turn that around. For example, you might be having difficulty keeping up to date with the ever-changing payroll tax regulations if that is not an area of expertise for you. By outsourcing your payroll, you can be assured this issue is being expertly taken care of on your behalf.

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