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Below is an abridged version of an email Netchex CEO Will Boudreaux sent internally to all Netchex employees. We are now sharing it publicly because we think it is important to use our platform to spread support and ensure our community knows where we stand as a company.

“Last night, I had 4 hours of the most intense and meaningful conversation with my son, Ealon. It centered around the travesty of George Floyd and the horrible aftermath that has ensued. I went to bed sad and a little unclear as to how I can be a real leader in times like this. I woke up this morning and felt obliged to share where I stand—Black Lives Matter.

I am proud of the efforts by all that make Netchex what it is both as a brand in the market, as well as a place of work and career for our team. However, in times like this, I can not just be satisfied that this is enough. In fact, it is in these moments I recognize how much more I can do. Let this serve as my beginning to positively influence my work and community through Respect, Change, and Action.  

First, my family will be personally donating to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that challenges racial injustice, works for criminal justice reform, and advocates for basic human rights. Capital placed in great organizations can make a difference, and I want to support this effort. If you are interested in joining, click here to donate to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Second, I will be reaching out to our local law enforcement leaders to open up meaningful dialogue to gain assurances that what happened in Minnesota will never happen in our community. As a business leader and large employer, I will voice my expectations of equality and fairness in the pursuit of justice and ask for local accountability in law enforcement. 

Finally, our HR team has formed an internal diversity task force made up of members of our team. The goal of this task force is to provide a voice for all associates at Netchex and have meaningful discussions around the health of our company when it comes to equality and diversity.

There is more that can be done, and I will have a keen eye on where I can make a difference. Many of you are hurting as a result of this horrible event, as well—for that I am sorry. I am here for you.”  

– Will Boudreaux, CEO of Netchex

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