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August 27, 2014

A 2014 study conducted by the Association of Accounting Technicians discovered that the people polled valued good relationships with coworkers over the amount of money they made at their job. Out of the 2,000 person group, 8 out of 10 stated that would turn down a salary increase if it meant working with people they didn’t like. Indeed, employees that are able to get along and work well with each other are the best possible foundation for a successful business, and such harmony is definitely what you should be seeking as an employer. According to, there are 5 components critical to building strong working relationships.

Clear Communication

When you have employees working in a team environment, keeping everyone on the same page in terms of details, due dates, and deadlines for a project helps things get accomplished more smoothly and assists everyone with feeling they are working in unison toward a shared goal.


While individual efforts should always be recognized, employers should set the expectation that success consists of the entire group working together to achieve an end result.
Corporate Culture– Harmony in the workplace comes from the top down. Employers should create an organization structured to reward collaboration amongst employees.


Managers should hold regular meetings in which every single employee is encouraged to bring their ideas to the table in a judgment-free environment. Show that you value the background and experience each employee has that can bring creative solutions to company problems.


Engender commitment from your employees with teamwork. Explain to each individual what they bring to the team that is positive and unique, as well as what others are there to contribute. Employees should be aware of how their role in the team will allow them to shine, while at the same allowing them to learn from the knowledge of others.

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