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Recruiting, onboarding, and performance management each come with their own difficulties—all of which have now become only more pronounced (and new ones added) during the pandemic. Job applicants are dispersed, new hires are virtual, and employees and management are often remote. Even re-opened offices are still navigating the challenges of new safety guidelines. Despite this ever-growing list of challenges, these HR processes must evolve in this new environment or your business will suffer.  Adapting to virtual recruiting, onboarding, and performance management is the key to future success.

So, how can your company navigate these new business norms? Thanks to HR technology, these processes can be streamlined, automated, and ultimately, improved. Better yet, when fully integrated with your other HR technologies (payroll, time & attendance, benefits administration, and more), it can make HR’s job easier and more manageable, while also saving your company time and money. 

Netchex is here to help move your process forward during COVID and beyond with the right HR technology. Let’s take a look at the tools Netchex has to better manage your recruiting, onboarding, and performance management processes in a virtual environment. 


The pandemic has been a roller coaster of layoffs and hirings for many industries. Since recruiting is such a multi-level process with many people’s involvement required, a manual process is nearly impossible under normal circumstances—much less in a virtual setting. Organization, consistency, alignment, data collection, and communication are all key components of the hiring process. An intelligent virtual recruiting and applicant tracking system can simplify and improve your process to help you make smarter hiring decisions (with no time-consuming paperwork). 

NetRecruiter, Netchex’s powerful applicant tracking system, focuses on recruiting qualified candidates and making it easier to narrow in on the best person for the job. The hiring process begins with a job listing. The NetRecruiter wizard helps you create an optimal job description that will automatically post across popular job boards (Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, etc), as well as social media and your own website—with no need to bother IT or your web developer. You can also set up filters to further ensure you only engage with the most qualified candidates responding to your listing. 

Once you have found the candidates you want to target, NetRecruiter enables you to track applicants throughout the entire process, create action items for team members, and effectively manage both internal and external communication. House all applicant information and hiring data in a single, comprehensive database complete with in-depth reporting to manage your recruiting spend and effectiveness. 

Next, move right into the hiring process by identifying tax credits, performing background checks, and sending offer letters. Once hired, important profile information flows directly into the new hire process for easier onboarding.


Like recruiting, the onboarding process is nearly impossible to manage on paper and can be hindered by the disconnect that often comes with remote working. As hiring ramps back up during COVID, your onboarding demands a faster, more consistent, and smoother process to ensure that major elements like new employee paperwork, training, and compliance are not short-changed or overlooked. 

Create a better new hire experience with NetGuide, Netchex’s comprehensive virtual onboarding solution. NetGuide enables you to spend more time welcoming a new employee to the team and less time on paperwork. Begin the onboarding process even before your new hire’s first day with mobile-friendly online task lists, which are easy for employees to follow and easy for HR and managers to coordinate. Task alerts keep new hires, managers, and administrators on schedule for all outstanding and upcoming responsibilities.

Fill out and electronically sign tax forms, set up direct deposit, collect emergency contacts, and more—all of which are automatically updated in our integrated payroll and benefits administration system. Upload employee handbooks and company policies to get new hires off to the best start and ensure compliance. Detailed employee profiles allow them to meet the rest of their team virtually.

NetGuide can also be used throughout the lifecycle of the employee for ongoing communication, information company updates, document management, and if the time comes, off-boarding.

Performance Management

During such uncertain and disconnected times, employee engagement is more important than ever, particularly when it comes to performance management. Pandemic or not, there is a significant need for multiple employee assessments every year to ensure that employees and managers are on the same page when it comes to performance, expectations, growth, and overall demeanor.  

NetPeform, Netchex’s performance management solution, is an essential tool in developing employees, building better teams, and growing your business. NetPerform makes paper-based reviews a thing of the past with virtual peer, manager, and self-evaluations that are highly customizable. Create in-depth evaluations with unlimited questions and answer choices, comment fields, and customizable point scales. Automatically assign review tasks with adjustable due dates and milestone tie-ins. Review tasks, track progress, and approve tasks—all from your administrator dashboard.

Also from the dashboard, easily customize the data and insights you need to get the most out of your company’s results. Create insightful, easy-to-access reports featuring company, department, or specific employee highlights, as well as current and historical data for accurate comparisons over time.

Netchex is the leading HCM partner helping you improve workforce management and optimizing benefits for your employees. Our powerful, yet user-friendly technology simplifies the business of HR and bring self-service features to your company to provide more independence for your team.

Talk to us to find out how to put Netchex to work for your company. Take a look at our full suite of HCM solutions that grow with your business, including payroll, HR, benefits administration, time & attendance, recruiting & onboarding, and performance management, backed by experts and the best technology in the industry.

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