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June 15, 2017

If you’re running a restaurant or overseeing several locations of a franchise / chain establishment, chances are you have multiple systems in place to manage complex HR requirements.

Not surprising, the dining industry racks up millions of dollars in compliance violations each year from the IRS due to insufficient reporting and the miscellaneous items that just get away from you. That’s what happens when you’re trying to manage schedules/shifts subject to change, account for undocumented gratuities and income, handle the administration of a revolving door of staff, keep up with regulations that change every time you look, and other minute details that are easily lost in the shuffle for owners and management.

Connecting the Dot(coms)

It’s not uncommon for restaurant management to employ service portals that track time and labor staff schedules, accounting receipts or daily revenue, payroll processing, and even the recruitment process. The problem is, many of these HR systems run as a siloed solution, which can cause headaches when trying to reconcile end-of-year paperwork and reporting.

Pulling and comparing data from multiple sources is not only labor intensive, it invites manual error that can result in costly fines, additional operational hours, and inaccuracies that can have a critical domino effect. And, the more managers try and substitute one solution for the next, the more convoluted the information ends up getting.

The answer isn’t swapping technology. The only solution to this common HR challenge in restaurants is to seamlessly bridge the gap between the software you’re using, to create a single repository of information for reporting and workflow management. POS Bridge from Netchex does just that.

Customized for Your Restaurant

POS Bridge is unlike other restaurant management tools. It doesn’t replace tried and true HR systems, it enhances them. POS Bridge is a custom API. It works with your current POS systems to provide the capabilities that are missing. It helps you better manage HR easily to save you time and money.

Customization is key when addressing HR challenges in restaurants. Which is why POS Bridge isn’t an out-of-the-box HR solution – it simply wouldn’t work. Netchex doesn’t “sell you” on a restaurant solution, we create one specifically for you and your restaurant’s individual needs. Tell us what you’re using, and we’ll make sure it works. Toast. TouchBistro. ShopKeep. Aloha. You name it, we’ll get it done. Our programmers and developers ensure a seamless integration.

Once customized, POS Bridge introduces you to easier HR management. General ledger reporting, paperless onboarding with e-Verify, mobile access to paystubs and schedules – it’s all in there. We even help you set up alerts so nothing falls through the cracks. Pay rate changes. Tip shortfalls. Missing data. Employees approaching 30+ hours. There’s no need for you to manually keep track of tedious compliance tasks. POS Bridge does the work for you and keeps you in the loop of any discrepancies.

Restaurant Partnerships

Netchex is a recognized leader in HCM. And our client list is proof that POS Bridge works. We’ve helped brands such as iHOP, Applebees, Cody’s Roadhouse, and Slim Chickens, as well as independent restaurants and smaller specialty shops.

POS Bridge is the result of Netchex’s commitment to solving tough industry specific HCM challenges. Learn how our full suite of payroll, time and labor, compliance, benefits management, and recruiting services can be deployed in your business, and why Netchex is the trusted partner for customized HCM solutions for restaurants.

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