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CFO’s Responsibilities Infographic

In recent years, the role of CFO has shifted from financial overseer to one responsible for the growth and transformation of a business. Evolved into a hybrid jack-of-trades, a CFO’s influence now stretches throughout numerous departments company-wide. Discover the expanded responsibilities of a CFO in our highly informative infographic.

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Employee Lifecycle Infographic

The employee lifecycle is an HR-focused blueprint that maps out the various stages an employee progresses through an organization. Each phase is unique and HR spearheads the development, monitoring, and execution of the employee lifecycle plan.

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ACT Infographic

Do you know where your employees are located? Ensuring payroll accuracy and compliance with address, compensation and tax verification.

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NetPerform Solution

Performance Management software makes assigning tasks and conducting performance reviews easier for employees and managers. 

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NetBenefits Solution

Comprehensive doesn’t have to mean complex. Netchex makes Benefits Administration easy, straightforward, and worry-free. 

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NetLearn Solution

Diminish skill gaps and develop your workforce with consistent online education with NetLearn, an engaging and effective Learning Management System.

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NetGuide Solution

From hire to retire, paperwork to workflows, you can manage all employee information in one incredibly user-friendly problem.

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NetScheduler Solution

Make employee scheduling work with your schedule, not the other way around. NetScheduler enables you to build smarter work schedules and enhance the employee experience. 

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CFO + HR Toolkit - How CFOs Can Enable Growth with HR Technology