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Coronavirus and Beyond: IRS Promises Full, Immediate Reimbursement for Sick Leave

It’s no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic and response have led to layoffs and economic uncertainty. The Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia has confirmed, “This large increase in unemployment claims was not unexpected,” but stimulus checks and other measures are expected to soften the impact. The federal government has also sought to provide incentives and […]

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How Netchex Can Help Hotels and Restaurants Overcome COVID-19 Struggles

The hospitality and service industries are taking especially hard hits from the global coronavirus shutdown. Travel is restricted, while restaurants, bars, casinos, and most public spaces are having to close during this unprecedented time. Conferences, conventions, and other major events are being postponed or canceled. And with everyone being told to stay isolated, no one […]

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Netchex Updates Software To Ensure Businesses Stay Up-To-Date and Compliant with New Federal COVID-19 Laws

NEW ORLEANS, LA, April 1, 2020 – Netchex, a local payroll and HR services company, has announced a significant update to their system that gives clients the ability to institute, track, and remain compliant with the new laws recently enacted as part of the Federal Government’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Signed into law on […]

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Coronavirus and Beyond: CARES Act Stimulus Package Includes Business Loans To Cover Payroll

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVD-19) pandemic, Congress has been swift to enact new legislation aimed at helping individuals, families, and businesses during this unprecedented time—including The Families First Coronavirus Response Act and The Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act. Now comes The CARES Act. The latest—and most monumental—legislation was signed into law […]

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Tips for Combating Remote Work Security Risks

Before—and even more so, during—the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses began making adjustments for employees to work from home. If your organization didn’t already have a business continuity plan for this type of scenario, then it’s an area where management has needed to improvise. One area of focus that cannot be overlooked while developing this plan […]

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Coronavirus and Beyond: Understanding Unemployment Benefits

As the COVID-19 outbreak brings American life to a halt, many employers are ceasing operations temporarily and placing employees on furlough or terminating them altogether. In the fallout, unemployment insurance will be a crucial backup for many. Unemployment insurance, also known as unemployment benefits, is a type of state-provided insurance that pays out if you […]

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Coronavirus and Beyond: Keep Employees Calm, Informed, & Productive with an HR Response Plan

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is all anyone can talk about lately, and rightfully so. With an unprecedented global event such as this, there is a tremendous level of uncertainty surrounding work, healthcare, families, and life in general. Employers and employees alike are concerned and looking for guidance—and they are turning to Human Resources for answers and […]

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